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"I guide clients & Families that strive to be Healthy, Happy, & Active in their life. By Adventuring into the world of Ancestral Health, Herbal Medicine, Healing Foods, Apothecary & Active lifestyle in the modern world. Custom Holistic Health Coaching Programs & Personal Chef Services cultivate your unique lifestyle to optimize your body and mind in a way that is super easy, healthy and always an adventure!" 

~ Christopher Cannizzaro

Personal Chef & Holistic Health Coach


Health Coaching

If you are like most people, I imagine there are specific goals you have for your personal health and life. Perhaps you want more energy or are fed up with being constantly tired.

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Personal Chef

We are well versed in a range of special diets which will not only help by providing the proper nutrients but also assist with portion control and most importantly, your meals will taste great.

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Ancestral Apothecary

As individual organic organisms, we each have our own unique diet and lifestyle to maintain homeostasis. Foods that might make me thrive may cause someone else to harm. Body type, blood type, and your ancestral background all play a role in creating your individual life plan for optimizing your body and mind.

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Linda "Chef Chris is an awesome chef and has great ideas for a new mother as well as others whom may be ill and need assistance. People spend a great deal, of money on packaged food boxes which still must be cooked. Chris is an amazing Chef and has personally given up time to come to schools and educate children about nutrition.

Jen “When I started taking Chris’s Algae Complete Capsule, I noticed within the few days that I was eating less, and I still had lots of energy. Within the first week, I stopped craving cookies and lost 2 lbs. every week.  Chris’s weekly sessions empowered, motivated, and taught me easy routines that optimized my Body, Mind, and Soul. In just 4 weeks of Holistic Coaching, I reached my Health Goals and learned how to optimize Body and Mind for the rest of my life.”

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If you have questions about a program or how we can work together, please contact us discuss where you are, what you’re looking for and how we can create a program that best supports your needs.

The Food Adventurers
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