To be successful at Baking, it's important to have a basic understanding of how baking ingredients function and how they react to each other. Food Adventures Baking Camp teaches students the knowledge of the principles and processes of baking; that results in students with the ability to follow and create their baking recipes.


Baking Camp Objectives:

  • Functions and preparations of Baking ingredients.

  • Understanding leavening when baking.

  • Difference between the three leavening methods in baking and applying them to Muffins and Scones.

  • The 6 Baking Methods and techniques for mixing or combining batters and dough.

  • Lean and Enriched Dough.

  • Instant yeast used in vs Living yeast bread

Baking Camp


  • If yes, please give a detailed description of allergy.

Visit Baking Camp Event page for more information. and Registration.

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