Calendula delivers both external and internal remedies. It is one of the premier vulnerary therapies, a term is given to plants used for wound healing. This traditional use makes it vital for your kitchen medicine cabinet. By promoting cell repair and growth, calendula heals cuts, bruises, minor burns and sunburn, inflamed skin, even skin ulcers. […]


LIONS MANE Lion’s Mane is a mushroom that’s been used for centuries in natural medicine, though in modern times is starting to attract a large a volume of scientific backing for its beneficial properties for the human body and mind. Known to boost brain function and cognition, the mushroom is also seeing research showing that […]


One of the most potent and revered herbs in Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine originating from the Indian subcontinent that is still currently practiced by millions of people today In our culture of sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, burnout, and autoimmune diseases, the call for ashwagandha seems stronger than ever; as an adaptogen, it supports […]


     Organic Beets, Garlic, Ginger, Turmeric, Onions, Cayenne Pepper, and Black Pepper. Strengthen and maintain a strong Immune system. “00” Vegan Capsules. Made from 100 % Whole Foods. No Fillers. Designed by Holistic Health Coach & Personal Chef Created and made by Chef Chris.      5 – ROOT Capsules are one of the most powerful remedies I’ve […]


Ginger has an array of medicinal properties. It contains a compound known as 6-Gingerol slows down cancer during research testing. It helps ease nausea, decreases blood sugar levels, helps with menstruation, helps with osteoarthritis, combat infections, decreased stomach ulcers, indigestion, lowers cholesterol, and improves overall brain function. We currently have Ginger Tincture made, Ginger capsules, […]


Chris’s “00” Algae Complete Capsule SPIRULINA Ancient blue-green Algae that is packed with so much nutrition it’s classified as a superfood. Containing protein, calcium, iron , magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, thiamin, niacin, folate,  vitamins C, B-6, A, and K. Spirulina research shows lower blood sugar, improve got how, improve liver enzyme makers, reduce blood pressure, lower […]


VALERIAN ROOT Valerian helps relieve stress and has become an increasingly popular remedy in recent decades. It is a safe non-addictive relaxant that reduces nervous tension and anxiety and promotes restful sleep. One of the main ingredients in our “KO” Tincture.  you can request a bottle of 100% Valerian Root Tincture.

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