One of the most potent and revered herbs in Ayurveda, an ancient system of medicine originating from the Indian subcontinent that is still currently practiced by millions of people today In our culture of sleep deprivation, chronic fatigue, burnout, and autoimmune diseases, the call for ashwagandha seems stronger than ever; as an adaptogen, it supports the body to adapt to and resist the effects of stress. Often adaptogens stimulate and ashwagandha is used for conditions like fatigue, poor memory, decreased sexual energy, and thyroid function. But the side effects of overstimulation are lost as it also soothes anxiety, calms nerves, promotes sleep, and relaxes muscle tension.

Ashwagandha has many uses, but when it comes to productivity, helps the mind increase its tolerance to stress, and generally cope with a more increased workload before it begins to tire. Ashwagandha’s indications extend to strengthening immunity, cancer prevention, blood sugar regulation, increasing fertility especially for men, treating anxiety, and as an antioxidant to repair nerve and tissue damage from oxidative stress. It can relieve pain associated with arthritis and fibromyalgia with its ant-inflammatory and antispasmodic capabilities. Finally, it is a rich source of iron, a mineral hard to get and often deficient in anemia.

Combine Lion's Mane mushroom and Ashwagandha as a stack that will especially help you deal with intensely stressful days of work or study.

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