The battle of the bulge, the agony of food allergies, and the tyranny of time poverty are mounting issues faced by many families, but a growing number of Americans are finding that the solution to those challenges might be as easy as hiring a chef. While the prospect might seem an aspiration beyond the typical family’s financial reach, many are surprised to find personal chef services provide the skill and knowledge of a live-in chef without the exorbitant expense.


As a result, more personal chefs than ever are helping families eat healthier, offering more variety for people with limited by dietary restrictions or health issues and saving hours of valuable time each week. By taking the daily grind of shopping and cooking out of the mix, Personal Chefs are not only time-savers who create delicious, healthy meals, but they also reduce stress and bring families together.”

Meal assembly became a popular phenomenon several years ago but faded out as time demands made finding even the few hours needed to mix, blend, dust and build a couple of weeks’ worth of meals a challenge. Enter personal chefs like CHEF’S CANNIZZARO, who come to into the home on a regular basis and prepare custom, quality meals – typically one week worth, offering assistance from the simplest requests to specialized diets and dietary restrictions.

“Some may have the misconception that hiring a personal chef is exclusive to the super-rich or yachting class, but in actuality, prices are quite reasonable, between $20and $30 per day” CHEF’S CANNIZZARO added.  “And whether its busy professionals, families on the go, people with allergies, or those with aging parents concerned about them getting the nutritional value they need, there’s a demand for this service.”

 CHEF’S CANNIZZARO consults with a family to identify individual needs, tastes and preferences, likes and dislikes and then use those insights to create delicious meals personalized to individual tastes.

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