Culinary Services


The battle of the bulge, the agony of food allergies, and the tyranny of time poverty are mounting issues faced by many families, but a growing number of Americans are finding that the solution to those challenges might be as easy as hiring a chef. While the prospect might seem an aspiration beyond the typical family’s financial reach, many are surprised to find personal chef services provide the skill and knowledge of a live-in chef without the exorbitant expense.

As a result, more personal chefs than ever are helping families eat healthier, offering more variety for people with limited by dietary restrictions or health issues and saving hours of valuable time each week. By taking the daily grind of shopping and cooking out of the mix, Personal Chefs are not only time-savers who create delicious, healthy meals, but they also reduce stress and bring families together.

Specialty Diets


We are versed in a range of special diets and will not only help you by providing the proper foods but also assist with portion control and more importantly make them taste great.   Some of the diets that chefs can support include Weight Watchers, The Atkins Diet, Zone Diet, South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig Diet, Nutrisystem, and organic food diets, as well as vegan and vegetarian diets.


Food Allerigies

Chef Chris works closely with clients to provide the safest food for their families especially when it comes to food allergies by taking the time to know and understand the needs of the family or just a single member of the family with even the most serious food allergies. Chef Chris not only prepares the meals but shops for all of the ingredients, they can ensure that all of the food is allergen-free and prepare food that tastes great and is safe for the entire family. Common allergies that personal chefs deal with include wheat and gluten allergies, peanut and tree Nut allergies, shellfish and fish allergies, dairy, eggs and lactose intolerance allergies, and soy.

Medical Diets


We also assist families that are dealing with a wide range of medical problems that must be addressed or supplemented with strict and specialized diets. These may be just simple restrictions on salt and calorie intake or more complicated for diabetics and cancer patients.

Chef Chris brings meals and food required to fight an ailment as well as serve up the right level of compassion and understanding necessary to offer support.


Small Dinner Parties


The challenge of getting the house ready and preparing a menu that’s robust and memorable is enough to make anyone forego in-home entertaining.  But hiring a personal chef for a wide range of events can cook help transform a stress-filled get-together into an impressive occasion. From elegant buffets to spectacular fine dining extravaganzas, a personal chef can design an experience to please any group and make every host shine.

Culinary Coaching


Are you confused by things like kale, quinoa, brown rice and dried beans? Learn to make them and your kitchen your new best friend.  We’ll not only talk about what you should eat but more importantly WHY.  Think of all the money you'll save when you quit grabbing take-out, and learn to make your favorite foods in the comfort of your own home. The Food Adventurer will teach you how to make simple, fast, and most important HEALTHY meals based on your skill level and dietary needs.


Cooking Classes for Kids,Teens, & Adults

Hands-on cooking and nutrition education where you will learn the fundamental elements of cooking.  introduce to the pleasures of preparing and enjoying "real food" that is both nutritious and delicious.

Culinary Coaching Sessions incorporates:

  • Healthy cooking methods and techniques.
  • How to plan and prepare nutritious meals that are designed to meet all your dietary needs.
  • How to identify a variety of vegetables, herbs, fruits, healthy grains, beans, and legumes.
  • How to live an active life in a way that is fun and easy to make a permanent part of your life.

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If you have questions about a program or how we can work together, please contact me. We can discuss where you are, what you’re looking for, and how we can create a program that best supports you.

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