Holistic Family: Unite as ONE

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Parents are often so busy trying to get all household responsibilities done, make dinner, clean the house, do the laundry, and get the kids to where they need to go.  Responsibility to make dinner can fall on one family member. Making dinner for a family by yourself can be stressful and take hours. In most families, this happens because only one or two people can cook meals that look and taste good.  

Holistic Health Coaching

     Health coaching is like having a personal trainer for all the areas of your life.  As your health coach, I’m here to guide, teach, push, motivate and encourage you so you can achieve your health goals, feel your absolute best and realize your ultimate potential.

Culinary Coaching  

     Hands-on cooking and nutrition education where the whole family will learn the fundamental elements of cooking, introduce the pleasures of preparing and enjoying “real food” that is both nutritious and delicious.  This program incorporates healthy cooking, meal planning, and active living. If you’re ready to start cooking healthy and plan meals so, you get back more free time.  Then this is the adventure for you.

  • food safety

  • knife skills

  • cooking methods and techniques

  • proper meat, poultry, and seafood handling

  • exposure to a variety of fresh vegetables, herbs, and fruits

  • understand good food choices, and how the foods we eat affect our bodies.

Chef Chris gets families actively involved in the kitchen and family responsibility in a way that is super easy, healthy, and always an adventure!  In no time your family will be cooking delicious food and having fun while they do it.

“A family that cooks together eats together.”

~ Chef Chris

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